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Build hörbert yourself? For inventors, hobbyists, makers!


Do you want to build your own audio player? You have your own creative idea, for which you only need the electronics? Then you'll benefit from hörbert's child-friendly, tried and tested electronics!


We offer an electronics kit that can be assembled with basic soldering skills.

What do you have to solder yourself? You have to solder the cables to the speaker, the switch and the potentiometer yourself. You'll get the board completely assembled, so that you do not have to solder SMD parts. This way you can fully concentrate on designing your own player.



The kit contains the following parts:

1x PCB,
11x key caps made of ABS plastic (plasticizer-free),
3x cable, halogen and phthalate-free with plugs crimped on on one side
1x loudspeaker with moisture-proofed membrane
1x potentiometer with metal axle, incl. nut
1x Toggle switch incl. nut
1x potentiometer knob, solid, knurled, chrome-plated


      Preis 119.- EUR incl VAT. plus Shipping       



You can use a FAT32 formatted SD / SDHC card up to 32GB in size. (Class 4 speed is recommended)

To easily record (and format) your own memory card with music and audio books, you can find the free hörbert software here. You can also download the operating instructions for hörbert here.

All information about the format of the memory card and the files, as well as the conversion of audio files for hörbert with sox can be found here

Here you can download a drawing for drilling holes for the keys.

The following pictures show you how the cables are soldered correctly and where they are plugged in.



Please send us pictures of your players so that we can publish them!

Orders accepted only in normal household quantities and not for commercial purposes. Delivery in single parts! Offer only while stocks last. Warranty only for unchanged components.