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hörbert is more than just a wooden audio player for children

Wows parents, too.

Rejoice, rejoice! Your child is happy. Enjoy your child's excitement with hörbert every day and everywhere! Even the youngest immediately learn how to operate this mp3-player independently. He will become one of our child's best friends. Unlike other toys he will not collect dust in a corner, but remain interesting by being filled with new music and audio books. hörbert likes to accompany your child whereever he or she goes. Without any sensitive mechanics continuous play is guaranteed, even when shaken. hörbert - the mp3-player for children - is fun for all the family - always.

Details: mp3-player using playlists |  Made of wood |  Made for children |  Digital

Demonstrate your values.

With your personal engraving hörbert becomes one of a kind and plays a special role in your child's childhood. hörbert's wooden case sets him apart from the vast amount of plastic toys flooding the market today. hörbert's high-quality processing and his full sound reflects your high expectations on quality. We do the thinking about sustainability to keep your mind at ease and your conscience clear. We take Made in Germany very seriously. Each and every hörbert is produced in our own workshop.

Details: Personal |  Made in Germany |  Packaging |  Spare parts

No plugs needed.

Rechargeable or standard batteries always run out of power at the wrong time and lots of battery changes in all those toys can really get on your nerves. hörbert, is extremely energy efficient which means he plays for a very long time. You won't have to look for a wall socket any more. Instead, you'll be pleased that you have one "tripping hazard" less in your child's room.

Details: Battery-powered |  Resume playback |  Maintenance-friendly

Safety first.

The mp3-player hörbert doesn't know any earplugs or headphones which means you are able to control the volume. When your child listens to his or her music you take part in the hearing and experiencing at the same time and ultimately in your child's mood. Your child is not "cut off" from the world by headphones. But never fear! hörbert is kind to your nerves offering plenty of space for all kinds of contents (audio plays music, etc.).

Details: Volume limiter |  Saliva proof varnish |  Without plasticizers

Software included, so you don't have to be a computer pro.

You like things that work immediately after opening? We've got good news for you: Batteries are included and the icing on the cake is more than 2 hours of prerecorded content - at present german. hörbert's ready to go software platform means you just have to think about the audio content you want to listen to with your child. Parents love presents that make their daily routine easier. Our own experience has taught us this and is the inspiration behind every detail of our mp3-player for children, hörbert.


Details: Pre-loaded ex factory |  Transfer software

Remember your favourite toy? Make a gift of value and enjoy the happiness of your child for a long time.

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